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About Avnera

Since 2004, Avnera has been designing system-on-chip products combining sophisticated analog circuits for the consumer audio industry.

We are the pioneers of Analog System-on-Chip (ASoC) technology that delivers industry-leading solution integration and peerless audio fidelity, thus enabling an accelerated time-to-market for high-performance audio products while achieving surprisingly low total system costs. The world's most respected audio brands trust our products to deliver sophisticated features for their most innovative product concepts.

Our wireless audio and sound processor ASoC products address high-growth consumer audio product categories – driven by smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, TVs and home theaters – with segment-defining capabilities, performance levels, and extensibility. Our products also address key technical challenges associated with high-density wireless deployments in enterprise audio and voice conferencing products.

Our ASoC products are developed by a sage team of analog, digital, wireless, audio, and power system engineers working together in harmony to tackle the toughest design challenges in the industry today.

Avnera is based in Beaverton, Oregon.

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Avnera Chip

Wireless Audio

Trusted by the world’s leading audio brands, our SoC-based wireless audio solutions are noted for industry-leading integration and unmatched wireless system resilience – yielding truly high-fidelity audio at a low total system cost.

Our solution is anchored by a custom digital radio and communications system that delivers pristine, uncompressed, low-latency digital audio.


  • PC & console gaming headsets
  • Wireless home theater surround and LFE
  • Wireless microphones
  • Radio Frequency
  • Uncompressed PCM
  • UI Controller
  • Digital Signal
  • Audio DAC/ADC
  • Power Management
  • Battery Charger

Sound Processors

Avnera sound processors are enabling the world’s leading consumer audio brands to build high fidelity speaker systems for today’s home and mobile media applications.

Our sound processors integrate Avnera’s high-fidelity, high-efficiency PWM-based amplification technology and modern audio I/O with dedicated microprocessors for application and audio subsystems. Unmatched levels of systems integration ensures end-to-end audio performance designed to disrupt markets and change consumer expectations.


  • Soundbars
  • MFi speaker docks with lightning
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Lightning
  • USB
  • Bluetooth HCI
  • Application
    Processor Core
  • Audio DSP Core
  • Power Management
  • Protection Circuits
  • Four Channel PWM
  • Audio DAC/ADC



Avnera Corporation
1600 NW Compton Drive, Suite 300
Beaverton, OR 97006


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